Wednesday, July 19, 2017

creating with a kid: silly altered photos

Lucy has a GREAT sense of humor and loves jokes and pranks! So a favorite project around these parts is silly altered photos. There is something that feels a little rebellious about drawing on a photo, especially a family photo but it's a fun way to get silly and creative at the same time. 

We like to start by printing out a handful of family photos- portrait style photos seem to work the best for the process.

Then it's time to draw! Permanent pens and paint pens are perfect for drawing on the slick surface of a photo.

We like to keep things light and silly (nothing mean or inappropriate). 

From glasses to bunny ears to beards and freckles- Lucy loves transforming the photos into something totally wacky and weird! This is a process that always ends up in the giggles!

You can find more ideas and inspiration for creating with a kid HERE

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

possible opportunity!


Hey friends! I am putting "feelers" out there for possibility of connecting with a seamstress who is intereted in a little side gig! 

For the last 11 years I've been sewing canvas bags and pouches from my original paintings. Once upon a time, I was attending a wedding. I was wearing a little black dress and needed a colorful clutch to finish off my outfit. I couldn't find anything I liked in stores so I grabbed one of my paintings from the wall, ripped it off the stretcher bars and sewed it into a clutch. This moment changed my entire creative perspective and my business forever!! I went on to write a book about remixing canvas, I taught classes on "redefining" your art and I made and sold thousands of handmade canvas bags both retail and wholesale.

A few years ago I had to scale back on making bags and only release them in small batches throughout the year. But now I am looking at offering bags more often and in higher quantities. So I am looking for the possibility of hiring a seamstress. This is a little outside my comfort zone because I've been the doing all the sewing but I know in my gut it's time to look for help! I don't have all the details ironed out but I wanted to at least throw this out to you guys! In my dreams I would love to connect with someone in Pacific Northwest who is looking to make a little extra money sewing crazy canvas bags! 

Hit me up at for more information!

Monday, July 17, 2017

new online class and a giveaway!

Hey friends! My next online class The Gardener's Journal begins today and I'm giving away 5 free spots! Leave me a comment. Tell me your favorite flower and I will select 5 random winners and announce them in the bottom of this post later this week.

begins July 17
Grab that art journal and meet me in the garden! In this class we will be using the garden as as the backdrop for exploration and creativity! We will be using a variety of techniques and materials to discover and document inspiration, memories, garden planning, wildlife observations, weather patterns and more! I will share all kinds of techniques- from sketching, collage and painting to create colorful and layered art journal pages.
more information or register HERE

Thursday, July 13, 2017

the traveler's journal- FLASH SALE today!

Hey friends! I've got a flash sale today! My online class The Traveler's Journal is marked down to $10. This is a fun little class that is perfect for those of you with summer travel plans!
$15.00  SALE $10.00
I carry an art journal or sketchbook wherever I go, even when I travel! The result are pages and page full art, free writing and collage inspired by my experiences. In this class I will be sharing some of my favorite concepts and techniques for keeping a journal dedicated to travel and adventure.

For more details or to register for class HERE 


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